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New digital drop-on-demand ink-jet system , OMEGA 36/36i , is the first completely developed and produced by Alantic Zeiser machine suitable to print variable dates on NAS substrates.


German company BOETTCHER offers complex decision in offset printing:

- High-quality printing rollers
- Recovering of printing rollers
- Washes for both automatic and manual cleaning of offset rollers, blankets and plates
- Washes for both manual cleaning and use in automatic washing systems if printed together with UV-inks
- Cleaning pastes
- Offset spray powders
- Roller protection pastes
- Plate cleaners       contact


Consumables and spare parts

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Product catalogue
Washing and caring agents - Germany

- Böettcherin 60 - universal washing solution for rollers, rubber plates and printing blankets. Packing: 200 l tank and containers of 10 l and 20 l.

- Feboclean RE-2 - for fast roller cleaning when the used inks are been changed often. Packing: can of 0,700 l

- Feboclean EK - decalcification gel. It dissolves the laminations of dust on the rollers. Packing: can of 1 kg

- Feboclean WP - protective paste for rollers at idle running of one or more sections of the machine. Packing: can of 2 kg

- Rol-O-Past – cleaning paste for dried ink film removal from the rubber roller’s surface. Packing: can of 2 kg
Special offer
Heidelberg Cylinder KS

Hot foil stampibg press Heidelberg Cykklinder KS
Overhauled 2002
Size 38 x 52 cm
3 separate foil guides
Running through PC and software

Purchase the machine in July 2008 and get foil for hot stamping as a gift

Price EURO 11 500 (valid in July 2008)

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