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German company BOETTCHER offers complex decision in offset printing:

- High-quality printing rollers
- Recovering of printing rollers
- Washes for both automatic and manual cleaning of offset rollers, blankets and plates
- Washes for both manual cleaning and use in automatic washing systems if printed together with UV-inks
- Cleaning pastes
- Offset spray powders
- Roller protection pastes
- Plate cleaners       contact

History of Company

13-th march 1991 The Company was established

06 1991 Bought the first printing machine.

09 1991 Start of the company's trade activity.

09 1991 Start the first independent production of printing materials in small separate printing hall.

05 1992 Bought the first brand new offset printing machine, 2 colour, format 50/70 cm.

09 1992 Start of the independent Sales department - "Apricom trade".

03 1993 Printing production was detachment in three processes: pre-press, printing and finishing works.

03 1994Apricom bought land and start the building project for the company house.

11 1994 Start off building of the company's own facilities.

10 1995 The first printing machine Installed in a part of the new company building.

07 1996 Located all Apricom activities in the new company building: printing house, offices and trade department on a total flat area of 1400 m2.

09 1996 - 11 1999 Period of the main innovation of the equipment of the printing house. "Post - Print" /daughter company/ was found for finishing printing processes on 200 m2 new flat area. Expansion of the trade activity and establishment of new foreign contacts with leading European companies for delivery of machines /new and second hand/ and a wide range of consumables for graphic art industry.

05 2000 The first edition of the PRINT PACK MAGAZINE. Apricom is the publisher of the magazine.

08 2000 Start off building the new company house next to the old one with an additional flat area of 1600 m2.

09 2000 Apricom advertising agency was found with its own office in the city center.

10 2001 Open two new production halls: one equipped with sophisticated finishing machines and the other is printing hall number three with additional printing equipment.

05 2002 Start of two new printing services in a printing base - UV-varnishing and web printing process.

03 2003 Apricom Trade department moved in a new building on fully separate floor including permanent demo-hall, presentation room equipped with places for 60 visitors and office facilities.

06 2003 Printing house develop additional printing services as automatic hot foil stamping, calendars and booklet hard covering, block die cutting, carton boxes and packaging.

11 2003 Open of new stock base of 500 m2 covered flat area for the needs of the trade department. Reached total indoor area 3 800m2.

2004 – 2005 Apricom company invested significant sources in:
- New business trade activities with leading manufacturers of printing equipment.
- Expansion of web print and carton boxes manufacturing.

Today Apricom Ltd. Holds:

I. Apricom Trade department:
- As representative on a base of exclusive dealership or dealer contracts for more than 25 leading companies, from Germany, Belgium, Canada, England, Italy, Netherlands, France and Japan;
- With permanent demo-hall;
- With modern office facilities;
- With warehouses 500 m2.

II. Apricom print department:
- With modern pre-press studio equipped with;
- With well-equipped offset printing base;
- With wide range finishing equipment;

III. Print-Pack Magazine - Specialized magazine for scientific and technical information about printing, packing and photography.

IV. Apricom advertising agency:
- In separate independent office.
Special offer
Heidelberg Cylinder KS

Hot foil stampibg press Heidelberg Cykklinder KS
Overhauled 2002
Size 38 x 52 cm
3 separate foil guides
Running through PC and software

Purchase the machine in July 2008 and get foil for hot stamping as a gift

Price EURO 11 500 (valid in July 2008)

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